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Welcome to Auto Haven Roseville

Owner Brian Sanders

Brian Sanders


At an early age, as most kids were into pedaling bicycles, Brian was into dirt bikes. His first vehicle was a 1951 Chevy pickup truck. Even at the age of 16, stock was not good enough. Brian rewired the entire truck, added an MSD ignition system to the already swapped small block V-8 engine. With the help of his drag racing father, they overhaul the engine by adding performance parts. At the age of 20 he found himself owning his first VW. This began his love for VWs. The first VW bug even has an upgraded 1835. Over the years Brian owned several Vw's bug's. A couple of his favorites were his 1966 Baja bug highly modified with 2.0 liter engine and IRS Vw bus transmission but in the end the Baja was engine swapped with with a water cooled Vw 1.8 engine out of a 1983 GTI. Later in life the other car was a 1966 Bug that went through a few stages, At first it was a very nice daily driver but it soon transformed into a race car.. In the end the car had a full chromoly tube chassis with a Mendeola transmission and vertigate shifter. It was also engine swapped with e 1.8t and Garret Gt35 turbo. It ran a best 1/4 mile time of 10.04 with all stock internals within the engine except high rev valve springs. Brian began his career in the automotive field at a local VW service center when he was 20 years old. Over the course of his twenty six-year career, he worked his way up the ladder. He became a Technician, Master Technician, Team Leader, Shop Foreman, Service Dispatcher, Service Writer, Store Manager, and Area Manager. Even after many accomplishments in his career, he still longed for something more. The idea of opening his own automotive repair shop had always lingered. The thought was exciting, yet overwhelming to tackle on his own. Soon, Brian found himself talking to Nico, a previous colleague, about both their aspirations for shop ownership. Brian knew Nico to be reliable, and a hard-working person. All traits he held himself to. They decided to move forward with a new venture together. They located and purchased a local business that was for sale. On September 1, 2023, Brian and Nico opened as Auto Haven Service and Repair.


More Than 20 Years